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Elisa Agostinelli

Clinical Family Therapist


Do you find sometimes your personal effort to resolve issues in life by yourself can only go so far? This is because individuals are not isolated entities, they exist within a complex system of individuals called family.

When families face a crisis, the members’ willingness and ability to communicate honestly, tolerate uncertainty, and respect one another’s differing needs can be extremely challenging and can result in both a rupture of the unity of the system or a growth that defines and develops the family unit’s resilience.

Elisa’s goal is to support the family to move through difficulties as a family unit and take responsibility over the direction they want to take, while also establishing a safe environment where all family members can express their physical and emotional needs.

During this journey the family members may experience movement between distance and closeness that can promote or impede connections and resiliance, depending on each family members’ needs. Learning how to become aware of these dynamics, strong emotions and individual stories in a safe and structured environment is the secret to promote growth.

Elisa is a registered Clinical family therapist. In supporting you within this journey, Elisa’s responsibility is to promote safety and structure, while the family is curiously exploring their present and past stories in order to establish new patterns and positive connections.

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Our team

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