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Axis Clinic offers a range of groups and mental health workshops designed to extend the support we provide, while helping communities to learn and connect.

From compassion and meditation through to understanding anxiety and the role of nutrition in managing depression, each group therapy program is focused on sharing strategies that can support wellbeing while providing individuals with an opportunity to access support in various forums and connect with others in their community.

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Upcoming Events

February / March 2024 Ongoing

DBT Skills & Support Group

Learn DBT skills online in a supportive group environment led by a team of experienced psychologists & DBT trained therapists.

Coping with painful experiences, emotions and relationships can be a really isolating experience. It can lead to coping in ways that are self-destructive in an attempt to understand or de-escalate emotions. This often renforces the isolation and can compound distress. DBT is an evidence based therapy for many mental health conditions. In DBT, you learn skills to manage intense emotions, cope with distress, cultivate healthy relationships and break negative patterns.

March 2024 2 sessions; Dates TBC 1.5hrs each

Understanding and Supporting Parents with Adolescent Self-Injury

Understanding and Supporting Parents with Adolescent Self-Injury

This two-part group has been created for parents and caregivers of children aged 12 – 17 years.

In this group we will explore a number of areas including:

  • What is self-injury?
  • Why are adolescents vulnerable to self-injury?
  • What can we as parents/caregivers do to help?
  • How can you support yourself?

This group also includes a take-home resources booklet to support you.

Every Month Ongoing

Book club

Connections and conversations

We personally love reading books! With all the feelings of isolation over the last couple of years, we wanted another way to help us feel connected. That’s why we have decided to share our love of books and start a book club. We will choose a new book each month, and share our thoughts on it on our online community website.

 Facilitated by our Clinic Directors and Psychologists Kylie and Carolyn. 

Coming soon 2023 short course

Overcoming negative self-talk and learning self-compassion

Overcoming negative self-talk and learning self-compassion within a supportive group environment facilitated by an experienced therapist.  

Strategies for overcoming negative self-thoughts and improving wellbeing.

We all experience negative self-thoughts from time to time, however for some, it can start to feel like a way of being. It becomes all-consuming and overwhelming and this can cause feelings of distress or shame. We know this alone can increase a person’s risk of depression, anxiety or low self-esteem and that’s why we think learning to practice self-compassion is so important. We created this group therapy program to help participants develop personal practice in self-compassion to address difficulties associated with shame, self-criticism, relational and attachment trauma.

The course will explore a number of areas including;

  • Why self-compassion can be tricky
  • Understanding and managing difficult feelings like shame, guilt and self- criticism
  • Practicing compassion and mindfulness
  • Envisioning a compassionate future

Managing social anxiety in your twenties

Learn strategies for managing social anxiety in your twenties within a supportive group environment, facilitated by an experienced therapist.

Experiencing social anxiety in your 20’s can be really tough. It’s a tumultuous transition time anyway; for making mistakes, exploring identity, making connections, exploring relationships and building a life that fits! This can be hard to do if anxiety is getting in your way and you are stuck in a ‘comfort zone’. Join us at Axis Clinic to explore these themes with others at a similar stage, facilitated by an experienced therapist.

  • Personal Sensory Assessment and intake session to clarify your goals
  • Weekly Group session relating to a theme with practical skills to help you apply them in your life
  • Resources for home

This group is for you if you are;

  • Wanting a change but feeling stuck
  • Experiencing social anxiety or just struggling with your confidence when trying to connect with others


Coming soon 2023 Ongoing

Group for carers supporting adults with mental illness

Group therapy program with Axis Clinic: For carers and parents supporting an adult with mental illness

Giving carers and supporters a safe place to tell their stories, explore their experiences and the difficult emotions that arise.

Supporting a loved one through mental illness, especially an adult child with severe or chronic illness or suicide risk, can be hard with lots of discomfort and conflicting emotions – often the parent’s emotions and needs are forgotten, overlooked or not prioritised.

Here at Axis, we understand the role of a parent can be challenging and exhausting at times. Supporting a child through mental illness, especially an adult child, can be very hard. The caregiver role often extends far into adulthood. We understand the difficulties that arise with this, including feeling isolated or cut off from others, worrying about our child’s wellbeing, grief and feeling misunderstood by other parents.

We created this support group at Axis Clinic to give parents a safe space to tell their stories, to explore their experiences and the difficult emotions that arise. We aim to reduce the stigma so many parents who support adult children with a long-term mental illness experience all too much. This support group aims to acknowledge how powerful and important these parents are and provide support to them throughout their journey.

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