Group Therapy

We have a number of group programs to support you

We’re passionate about group therapy and developing programs that promote connection and community.

Here at Axis Clinic, we are big advocates for group therapy and the power of sharing vulnerabilities, learning together, and diving in with others to create change. We are passionate about providing lower-cost options for individuals seeking mental health support and creating accessible group programs to support our communities.

We offer evidence-based and tailored group skills based on our clinical experience, to help you address any barriers that might be getting in the way of goals in your life.

Join us and our experienced team, as we offer evidence-based and tailored group skills based on our clinical experience, to help you address any barriers they might be getting in the way of goals in your life.

Group Therapy with Axis Clinic

Learn, connect and grow within a safe group environment that is supported by experienced psychologists & therapists



Learn alongside a supportive network of peers who are going through similar struggles.

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Learn skills, strategies and mental health tips for a range of topics with the support of an experienced therapist.



Put what you have learned into practice within a safe group environment to help you feel confident to use your new skills in your life.


What are some of the benefits of group therapy?

  • Allows you to learn from others who have similar struggles and feel less alone
  • Gives you a voice and help you practice before applying skills to your ‘real life’
  • Offers a sounding board and provide different perspectives
  • Promotes social connection
  • Costs less than individual therapy
  • Helps you grow and provide a commitment and opportunity to target an identified area of your life

How many groups do you run each year?

On average we run from 4 – 10 groups per year. Some of these groups are ongoing support groups with multiple intakes and others run for a set number of weeks at different times throughout the year.

From compassion and meditation through to understanding self-compassionate and managing social anxiety, each group therapy program is focused on sharing strategies that can support you. We are always working with our experienced team of clinicians to bring you new groups and workshops throughout the year.

Explore our current and upcoming groups.

Are your groups in-person or online?

We run groups both in-person at the clinic and online. The last few years have shown how important and valuable online resources can be for supporting mental health, and we run a number of groups online each year to support those who may not be able to make it into the clinic in-person.

Learn DBT skills online

This DBT program is led by our team of Brisbane-based accredited DBT therapists who are passionate about supporting you to learn lifelong skills.

We're big believers in accessibility, that is why this this group is delivered 100% online, so you can attend from anywhere.

Unlike other programs, our fees are in weekly instalments rather than a large up front payment. Register to join at any one of our intakes and stay for as long as you need, cancel anytime.

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