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Education & Schools

A proactive approach lies at the heart of what we do and we work in partnership with schools to help young minds thrive.

Working at this level supports our belief early intervention is critical to a person’s wellbeing and a child’s development.

In addition to the services below we can also provide tailored solutions based on individual school needs.

Our services

  • Mental health and wellbeing screening
  • Individual and group counselling sessions
  • Crisis support and care
  • Parenting and student workshops
  • Professional development for teaching staff

Children and families

At Axis Clinic we believe better mental health starts with stronger communities.

That’s why we have a program dedicated to helping children and families in need.

Delivered in line with the Queensland Government’s Strengthening Families framework, our centralised and coordinated approach to case management ensures holistic support and a continuity of care.

Our multi-disciplinary team and collaborative approach means we can identify and provide the best course of care for families as they journey toward independence and brighter futures.

Where we can provide advice and assistance

  • Foster Care and Kinship
    Foster Care and Kinship assessments and re-approvals for couples and singles. Training and support for carers.
  • Independent Placement Support
    Objective case management and placement advice and support.
  • Complex Care Clinics
    Utilising the Strengthening Families mapping of complex cases, provide guidance, direction and support for case management.
  • Staff support and training
    Support for industry professionals working in Human Services.
  • In-residential care
    In house support for staff having to manage complex or extreme child behaviour. Group therapy programs.
  • Assessment and treatment for children and adolescents
    Our team support children and their parents and can assist with a range of concerns.

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