Psychological Services for Healthcare, Legal and Care Professionals

Confidential support when you need it most

We are passionate about providing effective and confidential mental health support for care professionals through a collaborative approach using evidence-based treatments. Axis Clinic provides psychological support for:

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Legal Professionals
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Care Professionals
As we ourselves work in the healthcare profession, with many of our clinicians previously working in various hospital and healthcare settings, we are aware of the unique pressures and challenges practitioners and care workers face on a daily basis. We also acknowledge there is often stigma and unrealistic expectations present within the health, legal, and care industries, which can make the decision to seek help challenging.

No referral is necessary, to make an appointment please contact our friendly reception team.

Juggling life, your own well-being and mental health while helping others and managing a busy workload can feel hard.

At Axis Clinic, we felt compelled to tailor a psychological support service for health, legal and care professionals after noticing a theme among doctors, allied health professionals, community workers, vets, dentists, and lawyers. They described barriers to seeking their own support, such as shame. This was heart-wrenching to us, as it could mean a delay in seeking help, which sometimes exacerbated their concerns, and resulted in mental health injuries and burnout in some of our most crucial workers in society.

Common experiences within care industries:

  • Feeling like ‘I should already know this’
  • A pattern of putting yourself last
  • Feeling like a failure for experiencing signs of stress or burnout
  • Self-stigma around mental illness and coping strategies
  • Worry about confidentiality or reporting
  • Lack of services in small communities when working rurally
  • Lack of time to attend appointments

Comprehensive care

We have a multi-disciplinary team on hand to assist.

Our multi-disciplinary team means we can provide specialised support and, where required, a ‘wrap-around’ coordinated and collaborative treatment approach.

Our team includes:

  • Psychologists (general, neuro and clinical)
  • Mental Health Social workers
  • Dietitians
  • Counsellors
  • Family Therapists
  • Couples Therapists
  • Creative Arts & Expressive Therapists

Meet our team

Stigma-free mental health care is important for health care, legal and care professionals (such as vets and dentists)

Health and legal professionals can face an elevated risk of stress, burnout, depression, trauma, and other mental health challenges through workload, exposure to vicarious trauma, exposure to aggression, violence or critical incidents and a build-up of emotions

Care workers are also humans, with their own worries, ups and downs of parenting and relationships, emotions, past experiences, life stage and plans for the future.

Carving out space to think of yourself and your care can help with effectively processing emotions and experiences, considering life goals and dilemmas and proactively manage stress and self-care to aid well-being.


The health and well-being of our care workers is essential. We provide therapeutic space for the care workers to be human and address their wellbeing.  

Expert care with understanding


Confidential Support

As with all psychological services, confidentiality is at the core of the services we deliver. To learn more, see our FAQs below.


Experienced Clinicians

Our team is made up of experienced psychologists & mental health professionals who use evidence-based therapeutic approaches to support their clients.


After-hours and online support

A number of our clinicians offer after-hours and online sessions.


Do I need a referral?

No referral is necessary to make an appointment. You are welcome to self-refer and can book an appointment by contacting our friendly reception team. Click here to contact us.

How is Axis Clinic unique in your approach to supporting care professionals

We are unique in that we prioritise the care of our colleagues.

We understand the demands of being individuals, parents and partners while working in large teams, hospitals, working in isolation, working rurally and experiencing critical incidents and anxiety while helping to care for vulnerable people.

We strongly reject any stigma preventing workers from getting help and we believe that ‘you need to fit your own oxygen mask first’

What are your reporting obligations for health care professionals?

Confidentiality is fundamental to the therapeutic process and this can intersect with a health care professional’s responsibility to the public.
Concerns about limits to confidentiality or mandatory reporting can be discussed during your initial session to support you in feeling prepared, comfortable and informed.
You can also discuss this during a free 20 minute consult which can be anonymous if you wish. To schedule a consult, please contact us.

What approaches do you use?

We use a variety of evidence-based psychological approaches including but not limited to:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Psychodynamic Ideas
  • Schema Therapy
  • Solution Focussed Therapy (SFT)
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotion Focussed Therapy
  • Circle of Security Framework
  • Gottman Couples Therapy
  • Trauma Focussed Therapies
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
  • Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Positive Psychology
  • Modern Family System Therapy
  • Sensory Modulation
  • Exposure Therapy

To learn more about the specific approaches taken by our experienced team, take a look at our clinician bios here

Do you offer EAP?

Yes. Axis Clinic is an established EAP provider and we are passionate about working alongside organisations both large and small to support their employees. If you would like to learn more about our EAP services, please click here

Our team is passionate about supporting care professionals



Carolyn Toon | Director, Psychologist

I was 22 when I moved to a small town in South West Victoria to complete my training to become a psychologist. At the same time, I needed support for a personal relationship issue but found I had nowhere to access support, with the few other mental health professionals being my colleagues or nearly 2 hours away. This was a stressful time navigating the pressures of being a psychology intern, working in acute care in a remote area and without my usual family or social supports.  I am passionate about health care workers being able to easily access their own help. Telehealth has really also helped in accessibility and enabled total confidentiality. I am pleased to offer support to community workers in remote Western Australian communities, police in Northern Territory and Doctors in North Queensland. People who look after others are human too and need space to be able to check in with their own lives and emotions.

To learn more about Carolyn’s approach & referral information, click here.



Aaron Kirkpatrick | Clinical Psychologist

Mental health concerns like stress, anxiety and depression can be difficult for many in today’s modern world, particularly for those in demanding roles.  In some cases when we are stressed, anxious or experiencing low mood, we can lean in on unhelpful coping strategies for assistance. While these ways of coping can appear to be helpful in the short-term, over time many other difficulties can arise further impacting a person’s mental health. Many of us believe we don’t have the time to focus on our mental health – we see it as a low priority, a waste of time or even a weakness to seek assistance, “I should be able to cope on my own”.  Often times therapy is often only sort after “our world has come crashing down” e.g. loss of employment or important relationships like a marriage. Engaging with supports like a psychologist early can provide a safe and judgement free environment to build understanding of your difficulties and help you to learn more effective and helpful coping strategies to manage your mental health concerns. This in turn may help to improve your quality of life and potentially the lives of those around you.

To learn more about Aaron’s approach and referral information, click here.


Book a 20 minute free consult

We acknowledge that seeking support for your mental health can be a difficult decision.

We offer a free 20 minute phone consultation with one of our directors for care professionals who are deciding if therapy with Axis Clinic is right for them. For more information, please contact us.

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