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DBT Skills & Support Group

Ongoing Weekly Thursdays 2 hours

DBT Skills & Support Group

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Learn DBT skills online in a supportive group environment led by a team of experienced psychologists & DBT trained therapists.


Skills include;  

  • Mindfulness practice: teach you to become more aware of the present moment. You learn to focus on one thing at a time, without judging yourself or others. 
  • Distress tolerance: When difficult situations arise, instead of reacting in ways that can make the discomfort worse or result in getting stuck in thought patterns that don’t help you process the situation, distress tolerance teaches acceptance and constructive ways forward. .  
  • Interpersonal effectiveness: Learn the skills to create healthy relationships while taking care of yourself. Interpersonal effectiveness includes working through conflict, listening well, and clearly asking for what you need. 
  • Emotion regulation: Emotion regulation skills help you to identity, understand, express, process and move through your emotions without crisis or anxiety.   

What can I expect from signing up?  

  • We recommend that participants also consider individual therapy/ coaching support at the same time and we can assist with this 
  • Can self-refer or be referred by your Doctor or treating therapist 
  • Join at any time- the modules can be done in any order!
  • Intake session with an psychologist/ trained DBT therapist to help clarify individual goals of the program (1-3 sessions usually required)
  • A 1 hour weekly skills class that teaches the theory and practical exercises 
  • A  1 hour weekly small group for skills practice and homework review 
  • Access to tailored resources to keep 

This online group program may be for you if you;

  •  Need to fit group therapy around work/ family commitments
  • Have a hard time dealing with your emotions
  • Notice patterns in how you cope that seem to make things worse
  • Notice your emotions are intense or explosive
  • Regularly experience mood ups and downs
  • Notice your relationships feel like a roller coaster
  • Feel empty or hopeless
  • Notice your life feels out of control or isn’t fulfilling
  • Notice you’re using ways to cope that could pose risk to you
  • Value learning/ supporting from others  
  • Are ready to commit to work on change


  • Duration: Ongoing | this is an open group which means you can join at any time – the modules can be done in any order
  • Commencing: Ongoing, register now to join the next intake
  • Location: Online with Axis Clinic via Zoom
  • Cost: $100 intake fee which covers your first intake session* | $100 weekly fee to access the group sessions and resources
  • Register your interest: to take part in this group, please register your interest and our support team will be in touch once this group is open for intake.

*Most individuals require one intake session, however in some cases a person may need 1-3 sessions to ensure they feel prepared to undertake the program. If this is the case, your therapist will discuss this with you in your initial session. Additional intake sessions are charged at $100 per session. 

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