Managing Relationships with Others

8 Tips for being more effective in your relationships with others

Managing Relationships with Others 



Being effective in relationships with others is very important and can help us build and maintain good relationships in our professional and personal lives. Here are some strategies to help increase your effectiveness in relationships with others. 


  1.  Communication. Effective communication involves using active listening and clearly expressing your needs and wants on a regular basis. 
  2. Empathy and validation: Be empathetic by putting yourself in the other’s place and using validation (for example “I understand”) can help improve interpersonal relationships. 
  3. Making time for others helps in building and maintaining relationships. Whether this is at work having regular meetings to discuss how things are going, or ringing or spending time with friends and or family in your personal time can help. 
  4. Focus on the person and show interest in them. Not being distracted and really focussing on the person and what they are saying can help the other person feel heard and seen which can help the quality of relationships. 
  5. Use conflict resolution strategies when problems arise. Don’t avoid addressing or dealing with problems. 
  6. Respect others even when they might have differing ideas or opinions. Respecting other’s boundaries is also helpful for building a good relationship. 
  7. Acknowledge the good and more challenging parts of other people. Focussing on what is good can help you build a good relationship. Also thinking of ways to manage the more challenging parts can be helpful when they occur. 
  8. Trust: Building trust takes time and effort, but it’s crucial for building strong relationships. Trust is often built over time by being honest, reliable, and accountable. 



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