Managing Life Changes

Strategies for managing life changes

Managing Life Changes




Changes in life circumstances can be a challenging time for many people. Here are some strategies that can help: 


  1.  Practice accepting the change. Change is a normal part of life. Acceptance does not mean that you like the change but accepting that it has happened can help you stop fighting reality. 
  2.  Practice self-care. It is hard to accept change if you are not taking care of yourself. Making sure that you eat well, sleep enough, exercise and having enough down time are really important to have the resources to cope with change. 
  3.  Stay open-minded and positive: Being open-minded and positive can help reduce stress and anger and make it easier to cope with changes. It can help to embrace the new and the possible opportunities and growth that change can bring. 
  4.  Focus on what you can control. When change happens to us, it can feel overwhelming. Finding things that you do have control over can help your mood enormously. 
  5. Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) can help you achieve and help your mood during life changes.
  6. Ask for help if you need it to assist you with different perspectives and support through life changes.  



Accessing Support

For personalised support with a psychologist or therapist, you can contact us on 07 3254 0333 to schedule an appointment.



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