How to Become More Self-Compassionate

How to become more self-compassionate through compassion focused therapy

How to become more self-compassionate through compassion focused therapy

What is compassion?

Compassion is sensitivity to suffering and distress in ourselves and others, with a commitment to alleviate and prevent it. It is essentially empathy in action (Cattani et al., 2021).

Why is compassion so important and what is the goal of Compassion Focused Therapy?

The goal of Compassion focused therapy (CFT) is to replace feelings of hostility and insecurity with compassion and understanding. CFT can be used to help manage long-term emotional problems related to shame, self-criticism and the inability to view the self and others kindly. CFT can be helpful for anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders as well as anger issues and relationship challenges (Today, 2023).

Why can it be so hard to have compassion for ourselves and others?

People who experience trauma such as abuse, neglect and bullying can come to feel that their internal and external worlds are hostile and unsafe places. This internal self-berating and shame can lead to a high sensitivity to criticism or rejection and internalised disapproval (Rn-Bc, 2021).

Cultivating compassion increases the capacity to engage in supportive relationships and generate emotions of safeness, connection and belonging which are key to psychological healing (Förster & Kanske, 2022).

How can a Compassion Focussed Group Therapy help?

This online group combines a theoretical overview of compassion focused therapy, with practical and experiential exercises, focusing on developing personal practice in self-compassion.

Each session will contain a compassion orientated guided meditation/mindfulness experiential exercise, in addition to self-reflecting and practical exercises to develop a personal practice of compassion. With the overall aim to facilitate a transformation in each group member to becoming a compassionate version of themselves.


Do you struggle with self-compassion or find it hard to overcome self-criticism?

Learn how to practice the flow of self-compassion and learn strategies to improve your wellbeing within our group therapy program, Overcoming negative self-talk and learning self-compassion with Raquel Walker. This 14 week group program aims to explore the deeper aspects of self-compassion, why it can feel hard to be compassionate towards ourselves and strategies for envisioning a more compassionate future.

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Guided meditation exercise: Cultivating Compassion

Listen to the guided meditation exercise: Cultivating Compassion Through Guided Meditation

View the guided meditation exercise

Reference: Cattani, K., Griner, D., & Erekson, D. M. (2021). Compassion Focused Group Therapy for University Counseling Centers: A Clinician’s Guide

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