Clinic Update

New Farm rooms have moved!

Our New Farm rooms are now located at 852 Brunswick Street

Finding support

Psychological Services for Healthcare, Legal and Care Professionals

Juggling life, your own well-being and mental health while helping others and managing a busy workload can feel hard. Axis Clinic offers evidence-based psychological support both in-person and online.

Group Therapy

Managing social anxiety in your twenties

Do you experience social anxiety or struggle with your confidence when trying to connect with others? Join us online to learn strategies and gain confidence with others at a similar stage, guided by an experienced therapist.

New online program

DBT Support & Skills Group

Join our new Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills group. Our team of DBT trained psychologists will teach you skills to help with coping with distress and mindfulness to the present, shifting patterns to have healthy relationships and understanding and regulating intense emotions.

Accessing Care

Unsure about who you need to talk to
or what’s involved in accessing support?
We’ve outlined all you need to know.

Getting to know us

At Axis we’re for compassionate, collaborative
+ comprehensive mental health care.

Groups and Workshops

We believe stronger communities start not only with better mental health, but better understanding.

That’s why you’ll find us running workshops, webinars and courses too.

We’re big believers in ‘together is better’ and for this reason, also regularly provide opportunities for people to connect with their communities through various events and groups.