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From compassion and meditation through to understanding anxiety and the role of nutrition in managing depression, we offer a range of initiatives designed to extend the support we provide while helping communities to learn and connect.

Each is focused on sharing strategies that can support wellbeing while providing individuals with an opportunity to access support in various forums and connect with others in their community.

Upcoming Events

June Mon 3 12 Weeks

Practicing the flow of compassion for women

Strategies for overcoming negative self-thoughts and improving wellbeing

We all experience negative self-thoughts from time to time, however for some, it can start to feel like a way of being. It becomes all-consuming and overwhelming and this can cause feelings of distress or shame. We know that this alone can increase a person’s risk of depression, anxiety or low self-esteem and that’s why we think learning to practice self-compassion is so important.

TBC 8 Weeks

Men’s Group

Conversations and connections – talking tough times through

Dealing with tough situations as a man can be particularly isolating. For many, talking about painful emotions caused by trauma, anxiety, anger, depression, relationship break-ups or grief and loss can be difficult. These feelings often challenge everything men have been brought up believing. Talking about it can be hard, but it’s important to know you’re not alone.

Our men’s group is designed to provide a space where men can seek support and talk openly with others who may be dealing with similar experiences.

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